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Kindly Note: Date of Test is 28th April 2019

TestBag now has exclusive microsite for UPJEE Polytechnic Exams. Please click for upjee.testbag.com for one stop on everything about UPJEE Polytechnic Exams

TestBag broadly covers multiple choice questions in topics/subtopics


as outlined in  test pattern for 
UPJEE Polytechnic

Click Here For UPJEE Polytechnic Online Mock test Series

For details on UPJEE Polytechnic Exam Eligibility, Exam Dates, Schedule and Exam Centres,  Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Exam Analysis, Cut Off’s and Recent Notifications (  UPJEE Polytechnic 2019 ) if any, please click on respective links on left.
UPJEE Polytechnic entrance exam is a competitive and will require a planned action to achieve success. Following modules in TestBag would be of help

Exam Analyser has details of UPJEE Polytechnic . Please go through tentative dates of the exam and exam pattern and define your weekly schedule to cover each topic You have to master subject each topic wise step by step and the practice for final exam around one month before exam date. Please also go through exam analysis to understand the way exam was in last year and remember cut offs as they will help to bench mark your performance

Click Here For UPJEE Polytechnic Online Free Mock test Series

Self Assessor has multiple choice questions and all other type of questions according to
Exam . Study from any good book. Everyday after studying a , master the same by simulating self tests on the topic or keyword with sufficient challenge so that you can bench mark your accuracy with time. Self Assessor will not only indicate your level of learning, accuracy and speed on each topic  but will add a lot to your knowledge from its own knowledge pool on every self assessment. Analyse the question attempted incorrectly by you by revisting the topic concept in any good book or take help of your collegues and teachers. Preferably complete this exercise on same day or by next day as another topic will be waiting to be mastered next day.  We recommend self assessment for UPJEE Polytechnic mainly on multiple choice questions and some other type questions at level L1.

Test Simulator has mock tests/ test patterns for UPJEE Polytechnic. These tests are based on previous year patterns specific to UPJEE Polytechnic or are created  by subject matter experts. Mock tests have fixed of questions indicated topicwise in each mock tests but test pattern generate new tests every time by drawing questions from large knowledge pool based on UPJEE Polytechnic parameters such as question number, types, topics included, level of questions, marks and time. These tests simulate exam like environment and first hand experience helps to put many unfounded fears to rest.
The results of all test taken are instantaneous detailing question attempted with correct answers and answers given

Test History stores results with details of each attempted question in  all  tests simulated by user  to enable each user to monitor his/her progress and discuss shortcoming with teachers/mentors








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