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TestBag, an online assessment system has multiple choice questions broadly covering all  topics/subtopics in

Quantitative Ability (Arithmetic, Commercial Maths, Mensuration etc)
Maths (Algebra, Geometry, Probability etc.)
Reasoning and Logic Tests
Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency
Verbal Ability - English Grammar, Vocabulary, Proficiency, Usage and English Comprehension

as outlined in  syllabus of MBA Entrance Entrance Exam

MBA Entrance Exams are competitive and will require a planned action to achieve success. Following modules in TestBag would be of help

Self Assessor has a big question bank of multiple choice questions in topics and key concepts of all topics . Everyday after studying the topic, master the same by simulating self tests on the topic or keyword with sufficient challenge so that you can bench mark your accuracy with time. Self Assessor will not only indicate your level of learning, accuracy and speed on each topic  but will add a lot to your knowledge from its own knowledge pool on every self assessment. Analyse the question attempted incorrectly by you by revisting the topic concept in any good book or take help of your collegues and teachers. Preferably complete this exercise on same day or by next day as another topic will be waiting to be mastered next day. 

Each learner uses Self Assessor (Assessment For Learning /Formative Assessment) at own pace without fear of comparison or grading thus self constructing knowledge with own creativity without being limited to extent of instructor’s knowledge and also taking advantages of instructor’s knowledge in instructor led / subject matter expert or pattern directed Assessments in Topic Simulator specific to exams he/she is appearing. These assessments during the instructional phase help learner to identify gaps and improve.

Test Simulator has mock tests/ test patterns for MBA Entrance Exams. These tests are based on previous year patterns specific to
MBA Entrance Exams or are created  by subject matter experts. To be more specific, user can go to TestBag specific websites for each entrance exam such as cat.testbag.com or mat.testbag.com or fms.testbag.com . Mock tests have fixed of questions indicated topicwise in each mock tests but test pattern generate new tests every time by drawing questions from large knowledge pool based on MBA entrance exam parameters such as question number, types, topics included, level of questions, marks and time. These tests simulate exam like environment and first hand experience helps to put many unfounded fears to rest.

Test Simulator assessments created by subect matter expert or previous exam pattern directed are Assessments of Learning (Summative Assessments). These are  periodic assessments after the instuctional phase is over (as compared to Self Assessor and Topic Simulator which are during instructional phase) are of great help to learner in understanding the exam in totality (time management / marks management, negative markings, difficulty levels etc) for gap analysis, benchmarking and confidence building

The results of all test taken are instantaneous detailing question attempted with correct answers and answers given

Reports and Analytics  stores history of each test taken with details of each attempted question with correct answers and given answers  in  all  tests simulated by user  to enable each user to monitor his/her progress and discuss shortcoming with teachers/mentors. In addition there are analytics on test taken to enable learner to draw useful inferences.



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