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TestBag broadly covers all  topics/subtopics in

Quantitative and Mathematical Ability

Deductive and Logical Ability

as outlined in syllabus of University of Delhi MCA entrance test


Kindly note : Test Bag does not have multiple choice questions on all question types for Deductive and Logical Ability Tests. Under Topic General Mental Ability TestBag covers Reasoning Tests and Logic Tests under Verbal Tests. For Non Verbal Tests, users should practice separately for them

Quantitative and Mathematical Ability Test multiple choice questions are covered under subtopics/topics of  Quantitative Aptitude (in  General Topics)

User should initially practice by creating tests on with questions in subtopics/topics of

Quantitative and Mathematical Ability with difficulty level  EASY and MEDIUM

Deductive and Logical Ability with difficulty  EASY

Once user has gained sufficient confidence in different subject and topics, he/she may start practicing on model tests for DUMCA


Results of self created tests and model tests are stored in Test History to enable user to discuss shortcomings with teachers/mentors and initiate steps to improve further

In Summary
Subjects    Question type Recommended question level Recommended Average time per question

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